Poet Showcase: Janet Rice Carnahan

Name: Janet Rice Carnahan
Laguna Beach, California

Blog: Still being developed – aiming for June along with a web site

How do you know Cara? Poetic Asides and Facebook

How long have you been writing poetry? Over 30 years

What kind of poetry do you write? I love fun and light poetry written by my alter-ego, Janet Planet, and limericks.  I am also fond of writing about nature and story telling poetry with a meaningful ending!  Spiritual topics with flair that go out of the box are also a favorite!

Please share a poem:


In a round about way,
What can I say?
Are you a doughnut?
A pot of clay?

Are you a top?
Of a circular table!
A round TV,
Minus the cable!

Tell me straight,
Could you be?
Inside a gate!
A peep hole I see.

Could you be a rock?
Skipping across the lake!
A rounded ice block,
A cold drink would take.

How about a hub cap?
Traveling far,
A hole in a tree,
Dripping sap,
Into a maple syrup jar!

Maybe a roll,
Hidden in a basket.
A Halloween pumpkin bowl,
Open ended question …
Do I dare ask it?

Are you a round chimney?
Or an iron pot for cooking!
Should I get down on one knee?
Or simply keep looking!

I think I am digging myself,
Deeper and deeper in,
I have searched every shelf,
No where else to begin!

So … let me just ask,
You to loudly shout out,
Can I finish my task?
Remove all doubt!

Find that hole, come back around,
Return where I first entered,
Reclaim my balance; feeling sound …

My wholeness readied and centered!

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