Poet Showcase– Recap

It was far more work than I expected, but I had a great time doing the Poet Showcase. The tough part was keeping track of the posts, downloading the photos, and having to learn a bit of html for some of the trickier formatting. The really fun part was communicating with poet friends,many of whom I hadn’t chatted with in a while, and learning a bit more about each one of them.

There were some real surprises, like discovering that many haiku poets also wrote other genres of poetry. I guess that shouldn’t  have been such a surprise to me, since I do too, but still, I had no idea. I also realized that many poets that I thought I had met only recently had appeared in many of the same venues with me in the past. I felt like the hostess at a really good party, as poets made the acquaintance of other poets previously unfamiliar to them. And I was so pleased at all the back and forth visiting and commenting on posts. I had almost 5000 hits on my blog during the month of April, which means each post was viewed many times!

I have made a permanent archive of these posts, on my Poet Showcase top level page. I am thinking that I might add to this showcase over time, as there are many poets I missed, but that will have to be a future project. Right now, I am ready for a bit of a break!

One thought on “Poet Showcase– Recap

  1. Cara, thank you again so much for inviting us to be part of this. I can only imagine how much time and energy went into it, and during such a busy poeming month. What a generous thing. THANK YOU.

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