Way Fun

 2012 Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May Book Giveaway, Day 8:

Today’s question, and my response:


What is the most frequent comment you hear about your writing from readers? Tell us a little story about the response to your  work thus far.

Some tidbits of praise that I have taken very much to heart: “it is lovely to encounter your words at this unexpected moment”, “well done, and way fun!”, “thanks for sharing such a personal story”, “your piece is beautifully written”, “very powerful!”, “fitting and beautiful”, “your simple story is elegant”, “ahhh yes, this resonates”, “this made me smile”, “when I read your essay, I cried”. My goal is to make my readers laugh, cry, identify with the story, or show them a different way of looking at things. When I succeed, I feel completely rewarded.

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