No Guilt

 2012 Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May Book Giveaway, Day 10:

Yesterday’s question, and my response:


Q. In yesterday’s giveaway post, I asked you about what you enjoyed doing as a 9 – 11 year old. Today I am asking you: how can you get more of that childhood pleasure back into your daily life? What would you be doing if you were enjoying life like a 9-11 year-old again?

I don’t feel guilty about daydreaming anymore—I just consider it a “pre-writing” activity, and that justifies it in my mind. And I read a lot of poetry, which doesn’t take as much time as reading novels, so that’s how I fit that into my life. I have discovered that a good part of life involves balance and good time management skills, and when I stay on top of my other obligations, that leaves me more discretionary time for daydreaming and reading and writing. I also have more to say now, and therefore more to write about.

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