Writing it Out

 2012 Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May Book Giveaway, Day 17:

Today’s question, and my response:

I use Tarot cards, as well as other techniques, to help me make big or difficult decisions in my writing career. How do you make challenging or difficult decisions in your writing career? Do you have a process you go through or use any tools or speak with anyone in particular when faced with an important choice? Maybe you are a journaler? Share your career-steering techniques.

Whenever I need to make a really big decision about anything at all, I take out a spiral notebook, grab a pen, and just write. I don’t worry about punctuation or other grammar, and certainly not about anyone else reading it. I write until I feel clarity on the issue. Often it takes multiple passes. The funny thing is, I often don’t even bother to go back and read what I wrote—it is the process of writing itself that helps me clarify my thoughts. Of course I also consult the significant others in my life for their opinions, but in the end, the decision is mine.

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