Do the Math

 2012 Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May Book Giveaway, Day 19:

Today’s question, and my response:

Here’s some good math for grownup writers: at what point in your writing career will you begin to be profitable from your writing? At what point in your writing career do you hope to make significant money?

Right now I’m focusing on writing personal essays for anthologies, poetry for journals, and blogging. Money really isn’t a key factor. It is sweet when I get paid for an anthology, or win a contest that pays out, but that’s generally the exception—I write for satisfaction and self-expression these days, and also to connect with like-minded others. That being said, way back when I was pregnant with my daughter, my mom and I co-authored two math enrichment workbooks together. Not only was that satisfying on many scores (collaborating with my mom, using my undergraduate major, and being fun!), it was also lucrative. When my youngest child leaves the nest in a year, I’m seriously contemplating doing freelance technical writing again.


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