Chicken Soup for the Soul

It’s always special to learn that one of my stories has been picked up by Chicken Soup for the Soul. I was informed this morning that my latest story will appear in the upcoming volume Chicken Soup for the Soul: Hope and Healing for Your Breast Cancer Journey. Even after five years, it’s still difficult for me to write about my cancer journey– it is truly something I would much rather forget about altogether. But it is always with me, and not only is it cathartic to deal with it through writing, it is my hope that by addressing the issues that arise in an honest and open, while still life-affirming way, this will help others facing their own diagnoses. The book will be released on September 4, 2012, and can be ordered from Amazon, or I will have a limited number of copies to sell.


7 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the Soul

      • Yes, lets do some writing together! I’m not seeming to do much otherwise. Send me an email with some starter haiku or themes/topics and we’ll see where we end up. 🙂

  1. Hi Cara. Our stories are in the same section! Like you, I have no formal education related to writing. I lost my corporate SVP job last November and have been writing my memoir ever since. My chicken soup story is my first publication! I loved your story and admire your courage and positive attitude. I look forward to reading your poetry, too.

    • Hi Linda. How cool that we ended up in the same section. Congratulations on your first acceptance– first of many, I hope! I found your story very moving. I am so sorry for all your losses, but glad that you ultimately found strength within yourself, and love again.

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