lazy afternoon

Participating in the Shiki Kukai is a bit like attending a masquerade party, not that I’ve actually done that. Okay, a bit like how I imagine it would be to attend a masquerade party. After submitting our haiku, and voting anonymously, all is revealed. The funny thing is, I have been participating for so long that I  can often predict who wrote what– distinct styles do begin to emerge after a while. It  makes me wonder– is my haiku “style” consistent? Sometimes I feel like I am all over the place with my writing! For the latest kukai, the kigo was “ice cream”, and the free format was “day moon”. Both are evocative topics that I will be returning to!

lazy afternoon
the distant jingle
of the ice cream truck

sleeping in
on the first day of summer
day moon

2 thoughts on “lazy afternoon

  1. Oh yes, sometimes I try to guess who wrote what and many a times, I am right, too! For example, in this kukai I had voted for one by Michele Harvey and was absolutely sure that it was Michele Harvey! I also guessed correctly with another one or two. I couldn’t guess the one by you, though i know i had voted for the ‘jingle’!

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