Prune Juice Issue #9

A new issue of Prune Juice: Journal of Senryu, Kyoka & Haiga has just been released. This will be the last issue edited by Liam Wilkinson, before he turns it over to Curtis Dunlap. I’m pleased to have three of my senryu in this issue, and to share the pages with so many haiku poets I know from Facebook or other journals, including: Johnny Baranski, Mark Brager, Susan Constable, Curtis Dunlap, Lorin Ford, Terri French, Christina Nguyen, Stella Pierides, Lucas Stensland, Alan Summers, and Kath Abela Wilson. Here are my three:

false spring
the dryer vent
full of lint

agreeing to disagree
I set my wipers
to intermittent

airport security
she hugs her teddy bear
a little closer

2 thoughts on “Prune Juice Issue #9

  1. Hi Cara, Thank you. There are so many journals I have yet to get to know, but surely know the quality of everyone’s work …I know Curtis Dunlap from his blog and what a good editor he is too. Ellen

    • There are so many good journals out there, Ellen. The challenge is finding the time to read them all! And I’m sure Prune Juice will be in capable hands, with the passing of the editorship to Curtis Dunlap. Each editor imprints a bit of their own personality on the journal, it seems.

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