A Hundred Gourds 1:4

A new issue of A Hundred Gourds has been released. A Hundred Gourds 1:4, September 2012 can be read in its entirety online. I’m pleased to share the pages with so many haiku poet friends. We have been asked not to post the actual haiku to our blogs for 40 days, so I will instead post the link to the index of haiku poets, and a link to each page that my haiku are featured on. I would recommend reading at your leisure from cover to cover though. I am already all the way through my first pass of the haiku section, and halfway through the renku section.

streaming sunlight

dust devil



new coolness

My fourth (and final) week of being a Daily Haiku Cycle 13 contributor. Please follow along!

August 31

new coolness
an empty snail shell
under the heather

I wrote this haiku mid-summer about something I observed last fall when I was cleaning up the planting area in our front yard. At that time, fall seemed very far away. Not so anymore. This morning I awoke to cool, crisp air coming in through our open bedroom windows. Definitely fall in the air!

blue moon

And amazingly, it is the end of another month, and the end of the NaHaiWriMo 31 prompters / 31 days challenge. I found myself losing a little momentum as I approached the finish line, but rallied and did manage to complete it. I loved the variety of the prompts, and wrote many haiku that I would likely not have written otherwise. For example, who thinks to write about chili peppers, lions, and seams? All in all, I had a good time, and the best  part of it was the camaraderie that developed between the participating haiku poets. Until next time…

August 31- “moonviewing”, prompted by Alex Benedict

blue moon
a half-remembered story
from long ago

Today’s prompt is especially topical, as tonight will be a “blue moon”, the 2nd full moon of this month, which only happens… well, once in a blue moon…

melting shadows

My fourth (and final) week of being a Daily Haiku Cycle 13 contributor. Please follow along!

August 29

melting shadows
waiting our turn
at the ice cream counter

I was happy this year to celebrate my July 23 birthday with my husband, and our two oldest children, who came home specially for the occasion. We had a lovely dinner at Bamboo Sushi, and then adjourned next store to Salt & Straw for ice cream. It was our first warm and sunny evening in quite a while, and the long snaky line along the sidewalk attested both to that, and the quality of the ice cream we were soon to enjoy. We must have waited on line for at least 45 minutes, as evening began to move in over the West Hills, but it was totally worth it! I had a cone of “Grandma Malek’s Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache”, and everyone else had something different.