A Hundred Gourds 1:4

A new issue of A Hundred Gourds has been released. A Hundred Gourds 1:4, September 2012 can be read in its entirety online. I’m pleased to share the pages with so many haiku poet friends. We have been asked not to post the actual haiku to our blogs for 40 days, so I will instead post the link to the index of haiku poets, and a link to each page that my haiku are featured on. I would recommend reading at your leisure from cover to cover though. I am already all the way through my first pass of the haiku section, and halfway through the renku section.

streaming sunlight

dust devil


5 thoughts on “A Hundred Gourds 1:4

    • This is from the AHG submission page, Margaret:

      “1. In the interests of fair practice, AHG claims exclusive rights to publication of all work selected for a period of 40 days after the work is first published in AHG. After this period has elapsed, all rights return to the authors/artists who are then free to have their work republished or to republish the work themselves on their own blogs and sharing websites. Wherever a work is republished, AHG must be cited as the place of first publication.”

      I read it as having to wait 40 days until you post to a personal blog or website. Another online journal that I submit to occasionally requests 30-day exclusive rights, so I think it is not so unusual for online pubs. I can see why, though. They want to drive traffic to their site, so I just put a link on my blog.

      • Thanks, Cara. I see that now. I hadn’t looked under the submissions page at that direction; only at the first page, which doesn’t address that but only mentions the authors’ republication rights. Appreciate the clarification. Best, M.

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