blue moon

And amazingly, it is the end of another month, and the end of the NaHaiWriMo 31 prompters / 31 days challenge. I found myself losing a little momentum as I approached the finish line, but rallied and did manage to complete it. I loved the variety of the prompts, and wrote many haiku that I would likely not have written otherwise. For example, who thinks to write about chili peppers, lions, and seams? All in all, I had a good time, and the best  part of it was the camaraderie that developed between the participating haiku poets. Until next time…

August 31- “moonviewing”, prompted by Alex Benedict

blue moon
a half-remembered story
from long ago

Today’s prompt is especially topical, as tonight will be a “blue moon”, the 2nd full moon of this month, which only happens… well, once in a blue moon…

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