show & tell

2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge- Day 21

There is a synchronicity in today’s Poetic Asides prompt, by Bruce Niedt, to use song titles to write a poem. I just sent off a submission to Aubrie Cox yesterday, for her upcoming post in which we were to use only song titles to write haiku, etc. Aubrie’s rules were a bit more stringent: no extra words were allowed beyond those in the actual titles. Punctuation was the only thing that could be added. I have to admit that I tweaked Bruce’s rules a bit, to make my life easier. I only used three song titles instead of five (after all, this is 3 -line haiku!), and only the first title was selected completely randomly. Once I got “show & tell” as a first line, I played around with other title possibilities from my itunes, until I found two others that would work together.

show & tell
three little birds singing
in the sunshine

Song Title Credits:

“show & tell”– Al Wilson
“three little birds”– Bob Marley

“Ten thousand birds” is a spring kigo. I’ll settle for three. ;-)More poetic responses can be read on the Poetic Asides blog.

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