2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge- Day 24

My favorite kind of prompt is one which prompts me to learn something new in order to write it.Today’s prompt, by Amanda Fall was of this type. The prompt was to write a poem with the title “The Truth about [blank]”. I immediately thought of the moon, and while googling some facts about the moon to make sure what I said was correct, I discovered this fascinating NASA article about earthshine. I have witnessed this phenomena in the past, and wondered about it– now I know!

This was the evolution of my haiku, from my first pass, through a 3rd version (which lost “the truth about” phrase entirely). I’m interested to see which version others prefer.

the truth
about the moon
reflected sunlight

the truth
about the moon

the dark side
of the moon

“Moon”, without a preceding modifying adjective,  is an autumn kigo. More poetic responses can be read on the Poetic Asides blog.


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