a stranger in the crowd

December Haiku Share

Okay, here’s my idea for daily posts for the month of December. We all have growing collections of haiku, some of which may have appeared in online or print journals, won contests, been posted on blogs or social media in response to prompts, or are just sitting in our notebooks waiting for a chance to share them. I’d like to showcase these haiku, but in a very specific way. Every day I will post a haiku from my own archives (with publishing credits where appropriate), and in the comments, I’d love it if you would share one of your own haiku (with appropriate credits), that is related in some way. Think of the card game Crazy Eights, where the next card played has to match the current card in the discard pile in either rank or suit. So for my challenge, look for a matching haiku from your own archives (or yes, you can write a new haiku if you wish, but keep in mind that pretty much all journals will consider it published if you do), and share a haiku that keys off of either the season, topic, key words, or is a response to mine in any way.

My haiku for today is:

a stranger in the crowd
that looks like you
blue mist

(Shiki Kigo Kukai, November 2012)

You could share a haiku about strangers, crowds, the color blue, mist in particular, weather words in general, or even a haiku dealing with regret, longing or loneliness. I look forward to reading what you share! If I have enough of a response over the course of the month, I may put these together in small posts that I share on my blog periodically, or even a bigger collection at the end. I will do this daily, throughout the month of December. Participate as often as you choose!

56 thoughts on “a stranger in the crowd

      • It’s the British Haiku Society’s journal, Cara. http://britishhaikusociety.org.uk/journal/

        Alison, your work gave me a moment of happy connection. I’ve lived it — only more so. I have looped my arm through that of a stranger, rather than through that of the person I was “with”. It wasn’t purposeful. My mind and my body were not in the same space and time.

        Thank you for the smile.

      • I will be playing around with this theme and imagery a bit on my own. It was a shock to have a young woman emerge from the darkness near our car on a notorious stretch of highway when we were coming home from the symphony. She has haunted me since. After seeing it was just 2 women she quickly vanished.

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  23. As per your invitation, I’ll try to share to date. Thanks again so much, Cara!

    twilight rain
    the blue heron mid-lake
    somehow smaller

    Alegria Imperial
    Commended, Traditional Category
    The Haiku Foundation 2012 Haiku Now Contest

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