evening fog

December Haiku Share

If you missed the initial post, click here to read about the month long haiku challenge I am holding right here on my blog this December. At this busy time of year, this is suppose to be a fun and easy way to share haiku you’ve already written.

My haiku for today is:

evening fog
the sound of geese
comes and goes


Multiverses 1.1, June 2012

Possible ways to take this: evening, part of the day, fog, weather words, sounds, geese, any kind of animal, autumn

35 thoughts on “evening fog

  1. Even by your standards, Cara, this is particularly evocative. The motion of sound through fog, returning and passing . . . I can feel it, hear it, almost catch the scent.

    • Thank you, Seánan. Two of my favorite things to write about are Canada geese and fog. They are both absolutely ubiquitous around these parts this time of year. Expect to see more of my favorite subjects later this month, like stars, spiders, rain, and clouds…

      • Well, there’s some synchronicity for you — this poem was written *about* the carillon at Stanford. I no longer remember if I actually heard a Christmas song, but what really stands out for me is how the song echoed across campus, especially on a foggy night. I sure miss the university bookstore there — it always had superb books about haiku, tanka, and other Japanese literature offered by the Asian Studies department, or written *by* their faculty (I was fortunately to meet Makoto Ueda at his office there several times). And I remember Chelsea Clinton sitting a few rows in front of me at a Chieftains concert on campus once, too, but I digress.

  2. Here’s mine relating to fog:
    fog tendrils
    curl around aspens
    her baby’s first haircut

    I like that you are doing this.

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