December Haiku Share- Day 3

December Haiku Share

Perseid’s shower
the blurred edges
of last night’s dream
Cara Holman

A Hundred Gourds 2.1, December 2012


clouds lay cradled
near the sun
dark December days

Isabelle Loverro


flight turbulence
an open shade reveals
the Big Dipper
Carmen Sterba

Mariposa 9


I lose myself
in someone else’s dreams
Seánan Forbes

Daily Haiku, Cycle 13, Summer 2012


all the colours
deepen into blue –
spring dusk
Alison Williams

Snapshots 10 2004


drifting fog
where does the dream end
and I begin
Kirsten Cliff

“Dream Catcher” rengay with Cara Holman, Fox Dreams, April 2012 (edited by Aubrie Cox of Yay Words)


brittle bright stars
illumine the sky
a tumbleweed snowman appears
Jone Rush MacCulloch


frameless sky
the boardwalk too small
for my dreams
Christine L. Villa

A Hundred Gourds (1:4 September 2012)
see haiga here


falling stars
letting go of memories…
Sanjuktaa Asopa

Shiki Kukai February, 2012


meteor shower
dropped at my feet
her white kimono
Lech Szeglowski


winter night a litany of falling stars
Margaret Dornaus

Modern Haiku, 43.2, Summer 2012

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