December Haiku Share- Day 6

December Haiku Share

hushed dawn
bird tracks
in the snow
Cara Holman

From “The Scent of Pine” rengay with Kirsten Cliff; A Hundred Gourds 1:3, June 2012

winter storm
the mailbox flag
stays up
Terri Hale French

Daily Haiku, March 27, 2011


beneath the snow bulbs lie sleeping waiting for Spring ~Isabelle Loverro


listening for dawn . .
the coolness of the moon
Sandi Pray


roll over
moonlight–until dawn
winter taste
Yousei Hime

Revision from haiku posted at  Shiteki Na Usagi

a blackbird’s shadow crosses
the church steps
Alison Williams

Acorn No.7 Fall 2001


cricket violins
mockingbirds respond
dawn song
Jone MacCulloch


as I begin to sing
in my head
the sparrows scatter
Kirsten Cliff

Kokako 9, September 2008
Waiariki Institute of Technology 2010 Calendar


dawn wind
blowing west
the night sky
S.M. Abeles

South By Southeast Vol. 19.2

First morning.
The old tree’s shadow
stretches from the sun.
Seánan Forbes

Acorn #24


sick in bed . . .
a baby robin’s trill
warms my blanket
Christine L. Villa

Multiverses 1:1 (see haiga under haiku gallery)
for easy viewing


empty snowy field
the scarecrow
points to a hare
Lech Szeglowski

Shiki Monthly Kukai, December 2008


December dusk-
ink spilled
on a white canvas

The Heron’s Nest, June ’07

3 thoughts on “December Haiku Share- Day 6

  1. It’s warming to see this community gathering, and a privilege to play in this company. Thank you for the opportunity.

    I apologise for the typo in my poem. It should read

    First morning.
    The old tree’s shadow
    stretches from the sun.

    I promise to be more careful in the future. The circle you’re creating deserves that and more.

    • Fixed, Seánan! Funny, I teach grammar to high school students, and I was itching to add that apostrophe, but I have also learned to respect others’ words, and thought maybe there was a reason you wanted it that way. I should have checked with you!

      It is indeed a wonderful community that has gathering, and I look forward every day to seeing the new responses.

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