December Haiku Share- Day 7

December Haiku Share

we had words
plum blossoms
Cara Holman

3rd place, 2011 Thom Williams Memorial Contest

plum viewing
i abandon
the moon
Pamela A. Babusci

Evergreen English Haiku Journal
15:4 (April 2005) Japan


the drizzle dissipates –
scent of pink rose
gillena cox


December’s breath plum blossoms carried by wind
~Isabelle Loverro


we have in common
plum blossom rain
Polona Oblak

The Heron’s Nest XIII:3 (september 2011)


cherry blossom—
it is between
me and God
Lech Szeglowski


red nails
shredding the night
into dawn
S.M. Abeles

Notes From The Gean 14


woodland path
the scent of plum blossoms
draws us forward

Carmen Sterba
sunlit jar, 2002 KO, fall/winter 2001


falling blossoms
the words you whisper
in my ear
Christine L. Villa

Berry Blue Haiku, August 2011


fallen blossoms –
loading empty beehives
on the truck
Kirsten Cliff

Kokako 8, April 2008


cherry blossoms
I let your cold hand
Seánan Forbes

Daily Haiku, Cycle 13, Summer 2012


full again
fewer friends
Marie Shimane


first snow moon
I dream
cherry blossoms
Yousei Hime


cherry blossom . . .
the baby’s hand unfolds
around my finger
Margaret Dornaus

Sakura Award, 2011 VCBF


cherry blossoms
your first kiss
Jone MacCulloch


on a dented beer-can
cherry blossoms
— sanjuktaa

HM, VCBF, 2012


divided – joined
by the tree
Alison Williams

Blithe Spirit Vol.9 No. 1 March 1999

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