December Haiku Share- Day 8

December Haiku Share

night sky –
my thumb
eclipsing the moon
Cara Holman

1st place, Shiki Kukai, July 2010
3rd place, Shiki Kukai 8th Annual Poets’ Choice Kukai


night of silence
i find a river stone
in my pocket
— Pamela A. Babusci
HM: 11th HIA Haiku Contest (2009)


ebb tide
the night nurse
closes your eyes
— Seánan Forbes

Acorn 29, Autumn 2012


choir practise…
at the pan yard night sky
through shutters
— gillena cox


to sleepless nights-
the hare on the moon
— sanjuktaa

A Hundred Gourds, issue 1:2, March 2012


your words
before you left . . .
craters on the moon
— — Polona Oblak

2nd place Shiki Kukai January 2011
carving darkness: Red Moon Anthology 2011


morning moon . .
an old cat walks
his older master
Sandi Pray


shooting star
my wish for
an unhurried life
— Lauren Mayhew

The Heron’s Nest XIII, 2: June 2011


I write her love notes
on torn away pieces
of paper moon
—  S.M. Abeles

Chrysanthemum Vol. 12


poor moth,
come on, I show you
the moon
Lech Szeglowski


cold moon
still the weight of her baby
in my arms
Kirsten Cliff

DailyHaiku, Cycle 12, January 27, 2012


so many empty chairs
touched by moonlight
— Margaret Dornaus

AHG, 1.1, December 2011
CHO, 8.1, April 2012


blue moon
tracing the length of time
between us
— Christine L. Villa

NaHaiWriMo, August 2011
see haiga here 


gibbous moon
reflects the path
we neglected
— Jone MacCulloch


crescent moon
no expression on the face
of the doll
Alison Williams

Modern Haiku 43.2 Summer 2012


early moon–
she pats blue corn masa
into perfect circles
— Terri Hale French

Shiki Kukai, August 2009


5 thoughts on “December Haiku Share- Day 8

  1. Was trying to find my tanka about the moon that I think was in an issue of Moonbathing, but cannot locate it. So I offer this haiku from August 2009 Shiki Kukai–

    early moon–
    she pats blue corn masa
    into perfect circles

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