December Haiku Share- Day 9

December Haiku Share

catching thermals
slow moving clouds
Cara Holman

1st place, WD Poetic Form Challenge: Hay(na)ku, Aug. 2011
Writer’s Digest, January 2012


roads not taken
the shifting shapes
of clouds
— Seánan Forbes

a version of this appeared in Daily Haiku, Cycle 13, Summer 2012


cold moon
even the owl
has flown
— angie werren


waiting for the moon . .
a hawk weaves
a handful of clouds
— Sandi Pray


he weeds
between the gravestones
— Kirsten Cliff

Moonset 6:1 2010


passing clouds
the scent of honeysuckle
in a crow’s wings
— Christine L. Villa

3rd place, Svetlana Marisova Memorial Kukai, September 2012


a mother
bares her breast
Polona Oblak

A Hundred Gourds 1:3


a hawk’s wingspan
between wire and sky
teacup moon
Kathy Uyen Nguyen


the red-tailed hawk, a lone
winged angel
Margaret Dornaus


sun down the wake of a red-tailed hawk
— sanjuktaa

From Things with Wings, edited by Aubrie Cox
You can see the doodle by Aubrie that inspired it here.


autumn wind …
sparrow riding
my car antenna
— Pamela A. Babusci

Heron Quarterly 1:4 (October 1997)


dive bombs
her quivering lip
— Jone MacCulloch


5 thoughts on “December Haiku Share- Day 9

  1. Just love reading these. So fun to see the different takes. I missed posting yesterday…under the weather but here’s mine:

    dive bombs
    her quivering lip

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