sultry afternoon

December Haiku Share

We haven’t done spiders yet. Share a haiku about spiders, all sorts of bugs and insects, afternoon, sultriness, or one that uses alliteration. Bonus points for “s” alliteration. 😉

sultry afternoon
 a spider dangles
by a strand

Acorn #29, Fall 2012


If you missed the initial post, click here to read about the month long haiku challenge I am holding right here on my blog this December.

23 thoughts on “sultry afternoon

  1. *waka taua –
    paua eyes reflect
    the afternoon midges

    the taste of nashi: New Zealand Haiku (Windrift, 2008)
    Bay News, Wednesday, May 21, 2008
    Waiariki Institute of Technology 2010 Calendar

    *Waka Taua is a Maori war canoe. This link has some close up photos of one where you can see the eyes within the carvings inlaid with paua shell.

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