December Haiku Share- Day 12

December Haiku Share

the waiter asks
if I’m alone –
winter clouds
Cara Holman

1st place, Sketchbook Kukai, Nov/Dec 2010 


sun going down-
a lonely boy asking
if I got a son
— Lech Szeglowski


the long white apron
of a barman–
the day menu unscrews
— Alan Summers

Snapshots 9 (2001)


inside dewdrops
the only time I am
the size I feel
— S.M. Abeles

Shamrock Haiku Journal Vol. 22


clouds lie cradled
near the sun
dark december days
~isabelle loverro


sudden chill . .
the stillness of a mountain
knee deep in clouds
— Sandi Pray

see haiga here


cloud hands
the cat observes
my tai chi moves
— Lauren Mayhew

bottlerockets, 13:1, summer 2011


dipping my toes
in winter clouds
— sanjuktaa

2nd place, Sketchbook kukai, Nov-Dec 2010


stratus clouds
his slow
— Polona Oblak

A Hundred Gourds 1:2 (March 2012)


writing your name
on a napkin
& kissing it…
the waiter asks
if i desire anything
— Pamela A. Babusci

Eucalypt Issue 3 2007


winter silence…
the phone rings
only in my head
— Christine L. Villa

Notes From the Gean (Fall 2011: Vol. 3, Issue 2)
See haiga here 


each day continues
a journey of loneliness
crows screech overhead
— Marie Shimane


winter afternoon
one empty space
in the library carpark
— Kirsten Cliff

Honorable Mention, Haiku International Association 2009 Haiku Contest


I realise I’ve lived
all my life on islands
— Alison Williams

Presence #45 January 2012


falling snow
and suddenly we stop
for deer
— angie werren

pay attention: a river of stones (April, 2011)


winter morning
the stillness
of your face
— Seánan Forbes

Daily Haiku, Cycle 13


nimbus clouds
one candle lit
at the confluence
Jone MacCulloch


equinox my glass half-full again
Margaret Dornaus

Modern Haiku, 43.2, Summer 2012


winter constellations
we listen to music
in the dark
Dawn Apanius

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