December Haiku Share- Day 13

December Haiku Share

the ocean
bathed in moonlight
his deep blue eyes
Cara Holman

Shiki Kukai, July 2012
“Sea Bandits” edited by Aubrie Cox, Sept. 2012


green of her eyes—
the hands of the clock
move back in the mirror
— Lech Szeglowski

DailyHaiga, 9 October 2011
Here’s the haiga with Dorota Pyra


skinny dipping…
a bright moon ripples
through the surface
gillena cox


the moons
the moon makes
of her eyes
— S.M. Abeles

(after Jim Kacian)
“Editor’s Choice,” South by Southeast 19.3


i should feel
guilty for loving you
but i don’t
warm indigo waters
flowing into the canyon
Pamela A. Babusci

Kokako Journal 17 2012


beneath the sea
moans of the lost
caw of the seagull
~isabelle loverro


winter romance —
crumbs at the bottom
of a cookie jar
— Polona Oblak

2nd place March 2010 Shiki Kukai


thinking of you –
the light
on a paua shell
— Kirsten Cliff

Kokako 10 (April 2009)
Waiariki Institute of Technology 2010 Calendar


sudden chill
the fallen wood
too green to burn
— Seánan Forbes

Modern Haiku 43.2, Summer 2012


the flower
behind my ear…
our first conversation
— Christine L. Villa

March 2012 Winner, The Collaborative Photo-Haiku Project
See haiga here


only a gull’s cry
beyond the dunes
bluer with dusk
— Sandi Pray

see haiga here


fish bowl—
all the things
we don’t see
— angie werren

Haiku News — vol 1 no 25 (July 2012)


moonlit waves
his kiss lingers
— Jone MacCulloch


egg drop soup
how Grandma would pray
for me
— Dawn Apanius

 A Hundred Gourds 1:3 June 2012

last night
after writing love poems
you may never hear
I stepped out to deliver
my heart to the moon
— Margaret Dornaus

Ribbons, 7.4, Winter 2011


old globe-
the blue of the oceans

From Things with Wings, edited by Aubrie Cox.
You can see Aubrie’s doodle that inspired it here


in a room
with walls of eggshell blue –
we disagree
Alison Williams

Presence 15 Sept 2001


on the waves
night ripples
Maire Morrissey-Cummins

A Blackbird Sings
Book of Small Stones 2012


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