December Haiku Share- Day 16

December Haiku Share

blue eucalyptus
the muffled sound
of crashing waves
— Cara Holman

Daily Haiku Cycle 13, June 2012


singing moon—
the sea folds itself
into stars
angie werren

“Sea Bandits”, edited by Aubrie Cox, Sept. 2012


lost in a depth of blue the crocus blooms
~isabelle loverro


autumn sunset
the flutter of a sail
as it loses wind
Polona Oblak

The Heron’s Nest XIV:2


i visualize
Chagall’s indigo paint
washing over
his Blue Lovers
in one continuous stroke
Pamela A. Babusci
Ribbons Vol. 7:1 spring 2011


slightly blue
the scent of moon
at midnight
Sandi Pray

see haiga here


dancing to the beat
of the street musicians
– a grey squirrel.
Juliet Wilson


summer reading
page after page
of blue sky
— S.M. Abeles

A Hundred Gourds 2:1


ocean breeze
his eyes locked
on her grass skirt
— Christine L. Villa

NaHaiWriMo, August 2012


the night he left…
the many sounds
of summer rain
— Kirsten Cliff

DailyHaiku Cycle 12, November 2, 2011


night market
the bass flexes its back
toward the sea
— Seánan Forbes

Daily Haiku, Cycle 13


she in the mask
is born to the life
— Lech Szeglowski


giving voice to my night coyotes
— Margaret Dornaus

Modern Haiku, 43.1, Winter/Spring 2012


ocean winds
the muted timbre
of sea grass
— Jone MacCulloch


the names of God ringing
like empty bells
the distant stars
sound their white silence
— Jenny Ward Angyal

Moonbathing 3, Fall/Winter 2010-11


blue dusk–
she lifts her veil a little
to view the moon

—  sanjuktaa

With Cherries on Top, edited by Michael Dylan Welch


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