dandelion dreams

December Haiku Share

Share a haiku about dreams, wishes, hopes, dandelions, or eyes.

dandelion dreams…
I close my eyes
and make a wish

NaHaiWriMo, August 2011

In “Things with Wings”, edited by Aubrey Cox, June 2012


If you missed the initial post, click here to read about the month long haiku challenge I am holding right here on my blog this December.

30 thoughts on “dandelion dreams

  1. A bilingual tanka in Iluko and English…a plea, a wish

    maruros manen
    rinemmengmo a rosas
    ipinas mo man
    dagiti tidda ti biag
    iti baet dagiti birri

    petals in shreds
    those bouquet of roses –
    patch if you please
    these remnants of life
    between fissures

    *Iluko, one of four major in 87 Philippine dialects, of the northernmost edge of the archipelago. A dialect I was born with but hardly ever spoke as an adult and never written with until three years ago when it awoke in my spirit among members of a yahoo group.

    Alegria Imperial
    Published in LYNX XXV (June):2, 2010

  2. I have no published wishes, dreams, dandelions, or eyes. Some being published in the spring, but that’s too late for this. One prayer, but that is different.

    Today, I am relegated to ‘observer’. It is a pretty garden of dandelion dreams.

    • No. That’s my rule for myself. For many editors, work that’s been in a blog (or on Facebook or any other open page) has been published, and will not be considered for publication.

      Because of this, I can’t put work on a public page until it has been in “print” in a journal.

      Cara has made no such request. I am imposing my own borders, for obvious reasons.

    • Billy– unpublished work is fine, and you will see many who have shared new work here. Seánan is correct that pretty much all editors will consider work “published” if it appears on a blog (although some are more forgiving about Facebook and Twitter, like Frogpond)– as long as that’s not a problem for you, it’s not a problem for me!

  3. hope I’m not too late … I was distracted by ducks, yesterday. 😉

    winter rain
    in my dream, the boat
    never arrives

    Fox Dreams, ed. by Aubrie Cox (April, 2012)

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