December Haiku Share- Day 22

December Haiku Share

garden spider –
weaving the dew
into its web
— Cara Holman

1st place, Shiki Kukai, November 2010

“haiku Wall”  at the Quarterly HSA Meeting
in Bend, Oregon, June 3-5, 2011


Japanese garden
a butterfly folds itself
into a flower
— Seánan Forbes

Frogpond 35.3, Autumn 2012


weaving its way
into daytime…
wisps of clouds
— Gillena Cox


such a good girl
at the garden gate—
the end
of the rainbow
draws higher into the sky
— Jenny Ward Angyal

Ribbons 8:2, Fall 2012


not a single star
out of place
in the Milky Way…
the garden gate
left ajar all night
Pamela A. Babusci

Tanka Splendor Awards
& A Thousand Reasons


white bones
she buries a fish
in the garden
— angie werren

haigaonline — Issue 13.1 (contemporary)


weaving their song
into a privet hedge
— Polona Oblak


threads of silk
by ancient weavers
between the trees
~isabelle loverro


rusty gate –
a spider weaves a web
between the bars
— Juliet Wilson

British Haiku Society Anthology 2009


in a web
in a flower
a sunbeam
— Sandi Pray

see haiga here


from a dewy field
the morning quiet
— S.M. Abeles

Sketchbook, July/Aug 2012


storm clouds . . .
can hope be caught
in a spider’s web?
— Kirsten Cliff

NaHaiWriMo August 2012



spring breeze…
looking at the same garden
with new eyes
— Christine L. Villa

A Hundred Gourds 1:3, June 2012
See haiga here


Christmas Eve
in my favorite nook
a spider spins the silence
— Lech Szeglowski


the winter garden
where false hellebore appears
without fair warning
my sister’s mind a landscape
scored with fault lines . . . and furrows
— Margaret Dornaus

(opening verse from “my sister’s world,”
Atlas Poetica: vol. 8, Spring 2011)


spider’s web
blocking my way
I go under
my home destroyed by fire
when I was a child

time to sleep–
spider in his web
spinning thoughts
— Billy Howell-Sinnard


in the moon’s hidden face
a garden
Alegria Imperial

haiku in ‘the moon’s hidden face’,
a haibun in Multiverses 1:1 June 2012


lighted tree
silver threads sparkle
— Jone MacCulloch


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