December Haiku Share- Day 23

December Haiku Share

dandelion dreams…
I close my eyes
and make a wish
— Cara Holman

NaHaiWriMo, August 2011

“Things with Wings”, edited by Aubrey Cox, June 2012


dandelion puffs…
my vacation jaunt winds up
oh so quickly
— Gillena Cox


in the seeds
of a dandelion
the shape of the wind
— Sandi Pray


becoming cold
a white butterfly drifts
into my dream
Polona Oblak

NFTG 3:3 (December 2011)



white crow…
i awaken
from the
new year’s dream
— Pamela A. Babusci

MET & A Thousand Reasons


not wished upon-
now that the dandelion…

Things with Wings, edited by Aubrie Cox
You can see the doodle by Aubrie here



through the cracked blind
a slice of moonlight
gently caroms off my bottle
into my baby girl’s eyes,
glowing green
— S.M. Abeles

RIBBONS, Vol.8 No.1


each wish
thrown to the wind
thousands more
Billy Howell-Sinnard


she advises
I’m at high risk
of a relapse
I breathe in air heavy
with crushed dreams
— Kirsten Cliff

Moonbathing 6, January 2012


maruros manen
rinemmengmo a rosas
ipinas mo man
dagiti tidda ti biag
iti baet dagiti birri

petals in shreds
those bouquet of roses –
patch if you please
these remnants of life
between fissures
— Alegria Imperial
Published in LYNX XXV (June):2, 2010


weeping willow
I wake up laughing
from a dream
— Christine L. Villa

Fox Dreams, edited by Aubrie Cox, April 2012


toward sleep on the bank
of the pond . . .
can sky-blue darning needles
mend my raveled dreams
— Jenny Ward Angyal

Atlas Poetica 12, summer 2012


leaving you
to pursue your dreams
I move
to the other side
of the bed
— Lauren Mayhew

Ribbons 7:4, 2011


she’d like to return
as an oak in the forest . . .
her gnarled limbs
gracefully suspended
in a cloudless winter
— Margaret Dornaus

Ribbons, vol. 7, no. 4, Winter 2011


for peace
dandelion seeds scatter
— Jone MacCulloch


winter rain
in my dream, the boat
never arrives
— angie werren

Fox Dreams, ed. by Aubrie Cox (April, 2012)



*Iluko, one of four major in 87 Philippine dialects, of the northernmost edge of the archipelago. A dialect I was born with but hardly ever spoke as an adult and never written with until three years ago when it awoke in my spirit among members of a yahoo group.  ~Alegria Imperial

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