December Haiku Share- Day 25

December Haiku Share

around the table…
three generations
in the candles’ glow
— Cara Holman

Sketchbook haiku thread, Nov/Dec 2011


family dinner
so many forms
of silence
— Seánan Forbes

Daily Haiku, Cycle 13


bitter wind . .
this sadness sculpted
by candlelight
— Sandi Pray


in the wavering light
of a candle lit much earlier
familiar words
begin to take on
different meanings
— Alison Williams

Blithe Spirit Vol.14 No.4 Dec 2004


steaming my face
with a bowl of rice
you & i have become
at this dinner table
— Pamela A. Babusci

Eucalypt Issue 1 (2006)


my father’s footsteps the size of every morning
— S.M. Abeles

World Haiku Review (December 2012)


he creates
a new centrepiece
for the dining table
a size nine shoebox
full of medications
— Kirsten Cliff

Presence #44, June 2011


Christmas day–
brother-in-law’s birthday
lost in the wrapping
Billy Howell-Sinnard


Christmas stocking
a boy pretends
he hasn’t caught Santa
— Christine L. Villa

A Handful of Stones, December 2011


all the sisters
clustered around a table . . .
bright constellations
in a midsummer sky
swapping tales of survival
— Margaret Dornaus

Moonbathing,vol.6, Spring/Summer 2012


Hurricane Irene
her wind gusts
take away my breath
my mother’s fury
was much more subtle
— Lauren Mayhew

Moonbathing, vol. 5, Fall/Winter 2011


among mom’s
our baptismal candles
— Alegria Imperial

Sketchbook haiku thread, Nov-Dec 2011


in every window
a promise
angie werren

Sketchbook haiku thread, Nov/Dec 2011

around the fire
grandfather’s empty chair

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