December Haiku Share- Day 26

December Haiku Share

morning meditation
an empty boat rocks
with the waves
— Cara Holman

A Hundred Gourds 1:2, March 2012



the boat you dreamed of broken friendship
— Polona Oblak

A Hundred Gourds 1:4


sun salutation . .
how slowly a leaf falls
into my tea
— Sandi Pray

see haiga here


of the funeral
climbing the stairs
the scent of strong coffee
— S.M. Abeles

RIBBONS Vol.8 No.2


the pond’s surface
a dragonfly’s wing
you never touch me
— Pamela A. Babusci

Simply Haiku
& A Thousand Reasons


paper boat–
how far will it carry
my child’s smile
kash poet (kashinath karmakar)


bonsai forest—
a pool of water
among the roots
I were two inches high
— Jenny Ward Angyal

Multiverses 1:1, June 2012


sound of the sea
a boat rests
in the cactus garden
— Alison Williams

Haiku Spirit Issue 20 Oct 2000


this path
somewhere the sound
of water
— angie werren

Sketchbook Haiku Thread (April 2012) 

the zen space (Summer 2012 Showcase)


the river when I need to just go with it

(A Hundred Gourds 1: 3)

I row out
to see how
life looks from here

Qarrtsiluni “Fragments” issue, Aug. 2012

— Peter Newton


meditation bell
even the starlings
are silenced
— Lauren Mayhew

NaHaiWriMo, December 2012


my ujjayi mantra
caught midway
in the candle’s shadow
— Kathy Uyen Nguyen

*From “Skipping Stones”


on the morning
of her death, I sit
for the small differences
between these wild finches
— Kirsten Cliff

~for Svetlana Marisova
Simply Haiku, January 2012


morning meditation
slowly letting go a breath–
birds whistling
— Gillena Cox

Lunch Break May 25, 2010


summer breeze
shadows in the moonlight
rock the boat
— Christine L. Villa

Fool’s Paradise (edited by Aubrie Cox), Dec. 2012


endless conversation
the river runs
through my fingers
Aubrie Cox

tea’s aftertaste (Bronze Man Books, 2011)

Notes From the Gean 2.4


sea swells
tightly I grip a roll
of Life Savers
— Johnny Baranski


jump cut . . .
the Mediterranean
floods the paper screen
— Margaret Dornaus
from “Super 8,” Contemporary Haibun Online 8:1, April 2012


the strange scent
of sunrise
Alegria Imperial

DailyHaiku October 20, 2012


winter rain-
the old wharf still holds
the boat’s shape

** see haiga here


the next morning
in the gutter
one red shoe
— Seánan Forbes

Daily Haiku, Cycle 13, Summer 2012


meditation walk
morning frost
clings to the hellebore

*From “Skipping Stones” – collaboration with Peggy Bilbro,Terri L. French, and Christina Nguyen in Lynx XXVII: 2 (June 2012). ~ Kathy Uyen Nguyen

** Done on a photo prompt in NaHaiWriMo last year. The artwork was by Mary Pierides, Stella Pierides’ daughter. The haiga and artwork can be seen here ~sanjuktaa

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