open mic

December Haiku Share

So at the beginning of this haiku/tanka/haiga share, I made the analogy with the card game Crazy Eights. Today, the prompt is a wild card. I want you to share something you’ve wanted to share all month, but didn’t quite fit in with any of the prompts. Or a personal favorite. Or… whatever– it’s up to you.
open mic
what is there
left to say?

“Things with Wings”, edited by Aubrie Cox, June 2012


If you missed the initial post, click here to read about the month long haiku challenge I am holding right here on my blog this December.

38 thoughts on “open mic

  1. a few words
    with a stranger passing
    on this road
    everyday precious things
    are scattered in the wind

    Blithe Spirit Vol.10 No.4 Dec 2000

  2. Wow! All stunning works so far, folks. Thanks for the great morning read (at 8 a.m on a Monday morning in NZ).

    why couldn’t I
    have let myself love her?
    the sun’s warmth
    as I sit in the graveyard
    alone this spring morning

    Simply Haiku, January 2012

  3. sealing the letter
    with a lipstick print
    i await his response…
    how slowly winter into spring
    summer into autumn

    Pamela A. Babusci
    Kokako 2003 (NZ)

  4. the neighbour’s
    unkempt lawn. . .
    all these butterflies

    1st place July 2010 Shiki Kukai
    2nd place 8th Annual Poet’s Choice Kukai

  5. western wind —
    a go master waits
    for a stone’s move

    Honorable Mention, 15th Mainichi Haiku Contest 2011

    I did and do enjoy the December Haiku Share; every haiku and tanka has helped me to feel alive, so the poetic spirit threading through Prose Posies has done its incredible work. The so talented haijins’ works greatly impressed me. I’m very delighted to be participating in Cara Holman’s project. Thank you, deeply, Cara for this opportunity.

    Wishing all the participants and their families a Happy New Year 2013!
    May your muse never forsake you and always be found!


    • Nice to see you here, Stevie. I remember this haiku! That was one of my favorite topics, as “eucalyptus” for me is practically synonymous with the Bay Area, a special place for me.

  6. Tatted Stories

    infectious laughter
    a lap for curling up in
    nimble fingers push shuttle
    stories told through tatting

    Four and Twenty, September 2009

    Since it’s open mic, I thought i would share this although it more just short form that haiku.

  7. Brilliant lines once again in this thread. Thanks for a truly great idea of making us choose a favorite, Cara! Quite a challenge really for most of us with our known attachment to each line we write. And so, I’m sharing instead this tanka a four-year old future poet picked ‘to carry in her pocket’ on ‘A Poem in Your Pocket a Day’

    was it you
    who laid this feather
    on my feet
    seeking my forgiveness
    in the rain?*

    Alegria Imperial
    GUSTS 15, Spring 2012

    *Picked by four-year old Miriya Nguyen to ‘carry in her pocket’ for ‘A Poem in Your Pocket a Day’

    Reposting it because I saw it strayed into a reply instead of a comment and I hope it’s not too late!

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