Windfall, the anthology from Haiku Northwest’s 2012 Seabeck Haiku Getaway, has arrived, and it’s beautiful! Thanks to Connie Hutchison, Ruth Yarrow, Dianne Garcia, and the members of Haiku Northwest that helped put it together. Every poet was allowed to submit up to five haiku to this anthology, from which two were selected to appear.

scavenger hunt
I fill up my bag
with the outdoors

Interestingly, I was just going through my stack of handouts from Seabeck the other day, and I found I still had the bag of items that inspired this haiku. It contained a big leaf maple leaf, a stick covered in lichen, a maple seed pod, a partly eaten pine cone, and a pebble.

into autumn
the winding path

I didn’t realize this one was also a hay(na)ku until now. The results of the kukai were also included in the anthology. I was in a two-way tie for 3rd place, with this one:

leaf fall
I text to say
I’ve arrived

I’m already looking forward to next year’s Seabeck retreat!