2013 Open Mic- Basic Ground Rules

Okay, so here’s my idea for the 2013 Open Mic:

  • This will be similar to the December Haiku Share, but on a monthly basis, rather than daily.
  • The basic idea is to share already published haiku, haiga, or tanka, giving them a chance to be appreciated in a different venue.
  • New writing is also acceptable, but keep in mind that all journals that I am aware of will consider haiku etc. published if it appears on a personal blog.
  • Please list publishing credits, and your name the way you would like it to appear.
  • As an “open mic”, you are free to share anything you choose, but it would be fun if it riffs off any of the previous contributions in some way.
  • I will keep the “virtual mic” open for the first three weeks of every month, and you may contribute once per week.
  • The posts will be labeled “Open Mic: [month] 2013”, and at least at first, I will make them sticky posts so that they are easier to find. As before, leave poems as comments.
  • The dedicated top level page entitled “2013 Open Mic” will contain the links to the starter verses, and the final posts.
  • This is an evolving project. Your feedback is welcome!
  • And most importantly– have fun!

One thought on “2013 Open Mic- Basic Ground Rules

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