Open Mic: January 2013

Please read the ground rules for this feature, but basically, it is a more open-ended version of the December Haiku Share, on a monthly basis rather than daily.

winter dawn…
humming along
with the furnace
— Cara Holman

2nd place, Shiki Kukai, January 2011


22 thoughts on “Open Mic: January 2013

  1. I’m so glad you’re doing this, Cara, and that I remembered about it! Who knew I’d be able to riff off both lingerie and herons!

    oh . . . the bikinis
    she wore: one trimmed with ruffles
    punctuating her–
    curves against the water’s waves
    the heartbreak of blue herons

    from “my sister’s world,” a tanka sequence
    Atlas Poetica, no. 8, Spring 2011

    • haha, Margaret– it’s those unexpected connections that often bring out our best work. Now I have to go back to my collection and see what I have along those lines. 😉

      What is Atlas Poetica, btw? I keep hearing it mentioned. Is it available to read online? I’d like to read your whole tanka sequence.

    • we all seem to have fallen asleep on this…
      anyway, here’s my second round offering 😉

      flurries of willow fluff
      seven ducklings scatter
      among the reeds

      tinywords 11.2

      • nice image, polona. I always think of cottonwood fluff as “summer snow”.

        i am slowly concluding that it is easier to put forth one big concentrated burst of effort, like in the December Haiku Share, than to remember to post weekly. Still, I’m going to give this a month before making a final decision as to whether to continue on, or wait until December again. Thanks for remembering! 🙂

      • thanks, Care, and i suppose you have a point. besides, there’s the allure of Aubrie’s doodleku going on this month…

      • and in February there’s the official NaHaiWriMo, and then March is Aubrie’s I Doodle, You ‘Ku challenge (with her doodles), and April is NaPoWriMo just about everywhere…. the calendar is starting to get crowded! 😉

    • haha– glad you remembered, Seánan. Nice one. Is Modern Haiku 44:1 out then? I don’t remember receiving my copy. I subscribed to a number of print journals last year, and am now having problems keeping track of them! At least you can’t lose an online journal. 😉

  2. How would people respond to an invitational that happened the first day of each month? Maybe short bursts, rather than extended ones — as long-lived as mayflies, haiku, and resolutions — would work.

    • i could never get that thing about resolutions but otherwise think a shorter time frame might work. but one can never be sure with all the prompts and challenges going on all the time…

      • …so many challenges, so little time… i’m thinking now that once a year in December might be best after all– a quiet time to step back and share haiku etc from the year.

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