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I  live in Portland, Oregon with my husband, cat, and toy poodle. Technically, the latter is my grandpuppy, but as he lives with us, he is now part of the family. I don’t always write every day, but I always do some kind of writing-related activity every day, such as walking with aforementioned poodle and checking out nature, while he checks it out in his own way. Here’s a picture with Zeus and me.


These days, I still write haiku and haibun, but have taken a break from publishing. Perhaps that has something to do with going back to work full time a year and a half ago. I do keep up with my favorite online journals, and who knows? Maybe sometime in the future, I will feel the urge to submit again.

25 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thanks Daniel. In real life, I am not naturally a laconic person, to put it mildly, so I enjoy the discipline of writing haiku. Seventeen syllables does not lend itself to verbosity! I’ve been enjoying your haiku as well. Peace is the word. 🙂

  1. Thank you for your comment on “My breast cancer blog.” I think it’s great that you are part of such a support group!

    Thanks for spreading the word about my book. Also, I am available to speak to groups and teach journaling class. The only cost would be for the participants to buy at least one book.

    I live in CA and love visiting Oregon, so that wouldn’t be a problem!

    Thanks and happy writing!
    Diana Raab, MFA, RN

  2. Hello Cara – lovely to have you for our ‘river of stones’! Do email me if you’d like to be included in occasional emails. I’ve added you to the blogroll and you’ll also appear on the River of Stones if you tag your posts with ‘aros’. Looking forward to the 1st, Fiona

    • Hi Fiona. I’m looking forward to this! In fact, I’ve already started writing “small stones” in my notebook. I will be sure to tag my posts “aros”, and I’ll send you an email right now.

    • Hi Sara. Nice to meet a fellow Portland poet. I also lived in New York– I grew up on Long Island, a great place to spend my childhood. I’ve been in Portland now for 20 years, and still love it here, rain notwithstanding!

  3. Hi Cara
    I enjoyed reading the haiku and tanka on your page tonight.
    I find your work fresh and interesting.
    Keep up the good work because I look forward to reading more!

  4. Happy Birthday, Cara…. I just came from Margaret’s blog and found you there – moon children gathering.

    • Thank you, Merrill. 🙂 What fun it is to gather on each other’s blogs to share poetry. I think I will have to do another collaborative post on my blog sometime soon!

  5. Hello from a fellow HSA member on the east coast. Great to find your blog- I look forward to following along.

  6. Flori
    Nice cat
    Happy bday
    Althought they dont have the same feeling they once did
    I cant figure out facebook
    I wear that fact like a badge of honor
    Be well
    Pete Egan

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