Poet Showcase

On thinking about it, I decided it would be really nice to keep all the Poet Showcase guest posts together.  As posts go live, I will also add the links to each page here, for easier access. I will stick to alphabetical ordering (by last name) for ease in locating the posts.

Daniel Ari

Sanjukta Asopa

Johannes S. H. Bjerg

Robert Lee Brewer

Janet Rice Carnahan

Margaret Chula

Kirsten Cliff

Aubrie Cox

Gillena Cox

Margaret Dornaus

Curtis Dunlap

Terri L. French

Marie Elena Good

Hannah Gosselin

Linda Hofke

Alegria Imperial

Vinnie Kinsella

Laurie Kolp

Andrew Kreider

De Miller

Christina Nguyen

Stella Pierides

Pearl Ketover Prilik

Meena Rose

Ce Rosenow

Deb Scott

Cassie Premo Steele

Lucas Stensland

Angela Terry

Kay Tracy

Julie Warther

Michael Dylan Welch

Angie Werren

Walter Wojtanik

8 thoughts on “Poet Showcase

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying this showcase, Meena. I was going to continue to announce upcoming poets, but it’s more fun this way. Anyway, I think it is. I love surprises. 😉

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