A Lune By Any Other Name

When Robert Lee Brewer proposed a lune challenge on Poetic Asides, I just had to jump at the chance. The lune is an “American haiku” and comes in two flavors: Kelly and Collum. More on the lune form can be found on my previous blog post La Lune or at Poetic Asides.

I entered three lunes in the challenge. ThisĀ  one made the Top Ten list!

a lune by any
other name
haiku just the same

These are my other two:

long summer’s eve-
watching bats in flight until
darkness subsumes them

an interpretive dance-
tree branches sway in time
to fiddlers unseen

The winning lune is a Kelly, the other two Colloms. To read the lunes that made the Top Ten List, click here. To read all lunes submitted, check out the “Comments” under the original challenge.

La Lune

Yesterday on Poetic Asides, Robert Lee Brewer introduced a new-to-me poetic form: the lune. The lune is an American Haiku, which comes in two flavors.

The Kelly lune (after poet Robert Kelly) is a three-line, thirteen-syllable form, with syllable count 5-3-5. Unlike traditional Japanese haiku, nature themes are not required, and simile and metaphor are allowed.

The Collom lune (after poet Jack Collom) is a three-line, eleven-word form, with word count 3-5-3. All themes fine, and simile and metaphor may also be included.

Here is one of each that I posted for today’s Poetic Asides prompt to write about a lightbulb moment (or just a lightbulb):

(Kelly variant)

energy saving
but why mercury?


(Collom variant )

once a daughter
now I’m the older generation–
a lightbulb moment