A Birthday Renku

sultry afternoon					[Cara Holman]                             
the plaintive cries
of fledgling hawks

crazed evening traffic				[Yousei Hime]
dragonfly bravura

pigeons huddle					[John Daleiden]
in the park bandstand
a midnight rain

I snag and release				[Margaret Dornaus]
a frog from the house

daytime buzz -					[gillena cox]
the mosquito i slapped
on my arm

letter from Rome—				[Ernesto P. Santiago]
am I liable?

monsoon wind					[Angelo B. Ancheta]
what would complement
this traffic jam

Fog slips over the hilltops			[ina Roy-Faderman]
tickling a lone mockingbird.

wet with dew					[Linda Hofke]
wildflowers fold into themselves
a whispered lullaby

tuning out						[Julie Warther]
yesterday and tomorrow

They flew from their nest			[Lisa Hills]
over summer’s fresh blooms
a lofty call

on my moonlit kitchen			[Christine L. Villa]
drips of watermelon juice

almost midnight					[Asni Amin]
should I stay or should I leave
lullaby of a cricket

alone again					[Christina Nguyen]
in the feathered nest

early birdsong					[Kirsten Cliff]
facing the same direction
all four horses

in the meadow					[Ernesto P. Santiago]
with one last laugh

it’s the new born child				[Johnny Baranski]
who gets the last laugh
severe drought

a dragonfly nestles				[Kathy Uyen Nguyen]
in the clown’s wig

light reflected					[Angela Terry]
off the pond
the sounds clouds make

the right word grasped			[Kathy Uyen Nguyen]
in willow fragments

pillow talk						[Kat Creighton]
the early morning chatter
between nests

on which I scribe each night		[Ernesto P. Santiago]
the non-visual geometry

silence, I speak…				[Ernesto P. Santiago]
the unspoken language
of the unkai

late for work again				[Sanjuktaa Asopa]
the faded-jeans sky

may birthday candles				[John Daleiden]
light the path to happiness…
live a full life

firelight flickers					[Kirsten Cliff]
on the mountainside

bee-wearing (con)tests			[Ernesto P. Santiago]	
the many diverse views
among (our) haijin

morning sunshine				[Cara Holman]
birthday wishes across the web


Asni Amin….. A Walk in My Heart 

Angelo B. Ancheta

Sanjuktaa Asopa….. wild berries 

Johnny Baranski

Kirsten Cliff….. Swimming in Lines of Haiku 

Gillena Cox …..Lunch Break 

Kat Creighton

John Daleiden

Margaret Dornaus….. Haiku-doodle 

Lisa Hills

Yousei Hime….. Shiteki Na Usagi 

Linda Hofke….. Linda’s Life on the Other Side 

Cara Holman….. Prose Posies 

Christina Nguyen…..  A Wish for the Sky…

Kathy Uyen Nguyen….. Origami Lotus Poetry 

Ina Roy-Faderman….. Fluff and Nonsense 

Ernesto P. Santiago…..  Otsenre P. Ogaitnas 

Angela Terry

Christine L. Villa….. Blossom Rain 

Julie Warther