A Consumption Poem

Yesterday’s  Poetic Asides prompt was to write a consumption poem. In the interests of catching up, and finishing the challenge on time, I picked one of the shortest forms I know: a Collum Lune. The only rules are that the poem contain three lines, and 3/5/3 words.


we eat until
we can eat no more…
then eat more

A Lune By Any Other Name

When Robert Lee Brewer proposed a lune challenge on Poetic Asides, I just had to jump at the chance. The lune is an “American haiku” and comes in two flavors: Kelly and Collum. More on the lune form can be found on my previous blog post La Lune or at Poetic Asides.

I entered three lunes in the challenge. This  one made the Top Ten list!

a lune by any
other name
haiku just the same

These are my other two:

long summer’s eve-
watching bats in flight until
darkness subsumes them

an interpretive dance-
tree branches sway in time
to fiddlers unseen

The winning lune is a Kelly, the other two Colloms. To read the lunes that made the Top Ten List, click here. To read all lunes submitted, check out the “Comments” under the original challenge.