Fog is one of my favorite topics to write haiku about, as it is a regular occurence around these parts. So way back in August, when Terri Hale French’s NaHaiWriMo prompt for the 17th was to write an experimental haiku, I decided to write a concrete haiku on fog. My original haiku was written in a column:


For some reason, which I can’t quite recall anymore, I submitted it as a one-liner when I sent it off to the  Frogpond haiku journal:

F walking O through G

I’m very curious to hear which one people think is more effective. Someone even suggested making it diagonal, which is a cool idea, especially if I was more adept at playing around with form. Anyway, this is my first “eyeku”, as George Swede dubbed it, and I was very happy to see it appear on the pages of Frogpond, which just arrived in the mail today.