A new issue of A Hundred Gourds has just been released, containing three of my haiku, as well as two rengay I wrote with Angela Terry and Julie Warther. Since AHG has asked for exclusive online rights for a period of 40 days following publication, I will not be posting my haiku and rengay from March yet, but you can read them on their website.

However, that means I can now post my haiku that appeared in A Hundred Gourds 2:1, December 2012.

on the windowpane…
letting go


Perseids shower
the blurred edges
of last night’s dream


boxes of memories
that aren’t mine


Also in the December issue are three “empty nest” rengay I wrote with Angela Terry and Julie Warther  last summer: “Waning Moon”, “A Different Blue”, and “Grade Five Rapids”.

December Haiku Share- Day 23

December Haiku Share

dandelion dreams…
I close my eyes
and make a wish
— Cara Holman

NaHaiWriMo, August 2011

“Things with Wings”, edited by Aubrey Cox, June 2012


dandelion puffs…
my vacation jaunt winds up
oh so quickly
— Gillena Cox


in the seeds
of a dandelion
the shape of the wind
— Sandi Pray


becoming cold
a white butterfly drifts
into my dream
Polona Oblak

NFTG 3:3 (December 2011)



white crow…
i awaken
from the
new year’s dream
— Pamela A. Babusci

MET & A Thousand Reasons


not wished upon-
now that the dandelion…

Things with Wings, edited by Aubrie Cox
You can see the doodle by Aubrie here



through the cracked blind
a slice of moonlight
gently caroms off my bottle
into my baby girl’s eyes,
glowing green
— S.M. Abeles

RIBBONS, Vol.8 No.1


each wish
thrown to the wind
thousands more
Billy Howell-Sinnard


she advises
I’m at high risk
of a relapse
I breathe in air heavy
with crushed dreams
— Kirsten Cliff

Moonbathing 6, January 2012


maruros manen
rinemmengmo a rosas
ipinas mo man
dagiti tidda ti biag
iti baet dagiti birri

petals in shreds
those bouquet of roses –
patch if you please
these remnants of life
between fissures
— Alegria Imperial
Published in LYNX XXV (June):2, 2010


weeping willow
I wake up laughing
from a dream
— Christine L. Villa

Fox Dreams, edited by Aubrie Cox, April 2012


toward sleep on the bank
of the pond . . .
can sky-blue darning needles
mend my raveled dreams
— Jenny Ward Angyal

Atlas Poetica 12, summer 2012


leaving you
to pursue your dreams
I move
to the other side
of the bed
— Lauren Mayhew

Ribbons 7:4, 2011


she’d like to return
as an oak in the forest . . .
her gnarled limbs
gracefully suspended
in a cloudless winter
— Margaret Dornaus

Ribbons, vol. 7, no. 4, Winter 2011


for peace
dandelion seeds scatter
— Jone MacCulloch


winter rain
in my dream, the boat
never arrives
— angie werren

Fox Dreams, ed. by Aubrie Cox (April, 2012)



*Iluko, one of four major in 87 Philippine dialects, of the northernmost edge of the archipelago. A dialect I was born with but hardly ever spoke as an adult and never written with until three years ago when it awoke in my spirit among members of a yahoo group.  ~Alegria Imperial

Perseid’s shower

December Haiku Share

I decided to veer away from weather today, and wouldn’t you know, I had a hard time finding a haiku that didn’t at least hint at the weather in some way. I guess it’s one of our favorite topics around these parts. So instead, today’s theme is astronomical phenomena, dreams, or nighttime.

Perseid’s shower
the blurred edges
of last night’s dream

A Hundred Gourds 2.1, December 2012

If you missed the initial post, click here to read about the month long haiku challenge I am holding right here on my blog this December.


Kathy Nguyen sponsored a haibun contest on her Origami Lotus Poetry blog this summer. The rules were challenging. Three haibun were to be written, each on a specified theme, and the resultant haibun were judged as a set. I am pleased to have received “Runner-Up” in this contest. This is the first of my three, written in June as I sat in the Quad, soaking up the rays, and reflecting on how life comes full circle:

(THEME: Dreams/daydreams/nightmares)



I’ve lived this day so many times in my dreams that it feels unreal to me now. This place is exactly how I remembered it, down to the red-tiled roofs framed against a bluer-than-blue sky. But the sun is warm on my shoulders, a light breeze is blowing my hair back, and I feel intoxicated by the overpowering scent of gardenias. When I close my eyes, I can almost believe that I am 17 again and it is my adventure that is just beginning, not my son’s.

move-in day
a seagull soars
above the Quad

fox dreams

What better way to start my Sunday morning, than by reading Aubrie Cox‘s latest collection fox dreams.This collection is chockfull of wonderful haiku, senryu, tanka, haiga, tanka prose, and rengay on the subject of… what else but foxes and dreams. Who knew there was so much to say?

I am delighted to have two haiku (one previously published), a tanka, tanka prose (my first ever), and a rengay included. The rengay was co-written with Kirsten Cliff. Altogether a delightful read, from cover to cover.