Fog is one of my favorite topics to write haiku about, as it is a regular occurence around these parts. So way back in August, when Terri Hale French’s NaHaiWriMo prompt for the 17th was to write an experimental haiku, I decided to write a concrete haiku on fog. My original haiku was written in a column:


For some reason, which I can’t quite recall anymore, I submitted it as a one-liner when I sent it off to the  Frogpond haiku journal:

F walking O through G

I’m very curious to hear which one people think is more effective. Someone even suggested making it diagonal, which is a cool idea, especially if I was more adept at playing around with form. Anyway, this is my first “eyeku”, as George Swede dubbed it, and I was very happy to see it appear on the pages of Frogpond, which just arrived in the mail today.

December Publications

After working hard on getting the next batch of submissions into the pipeline, it’s always lovely when the acceptances come rolling in, and previously accepted work finally appears online or in print. I am not naturally a patient person, so the sometimes long waits to learn the status of a submission are difficult for me. But in the end, it all pays off. Of course there are those pesky rejections now and again, but I refuse to let those rain on my parade!

This has been a particularly good week for my writing:

  • I had a haiku and a haibun appear in the inaugural issue of A Hundred Gourds.
  • That same day, a haiku appeared in The Heron’s Nest.
  • The next day, I learned through Roberta Beary, that we had both received an Honorable Mention in the 13th HIA Haiku Contest for our haiku.
  • And today, an eyeku (visual haiku) of mine was accepted for the next issue of Frogpond.

Now onto my December submissions!