December Haiku Share- Day 29

December Haiku Share

afternoon fog
the dampened cries
of wild geese
— Cara Holman

1st place, 2011 Porad Award


caged tigers
marking territory—
they too
believe the world
belongs to them
— Jenny Ward Angyal

Atlas Poetica 11, March 2012


almost dreaming . .
out of the mist
a swan
— Sandi Pray

see haiga here


morning fog –
I imagine
the end of the road
— angie werren

NaHaiWriMo (May, 2012)


the river
beneath the river
of fog
— Polona Oblak

Notes From the Gean 3:1 (June 2011)


into fog
under oak trees we lose
who we are
first a weight in the eyes
then our hands no longer ours
— Alegria Imperial

Eucalypt Issue #10, May 2011


fog lifts
from the stream
wild ducks in flight
— Kirsten Cliff

‘Between the Birdsong’ (with Cara Holman) 
LYNX 27:3, October 2012


the sandpiper in the lead sounding the retreat

A Hundred Gourds, 1:3

one clap–
the sky explodes
in starlings

Chrysanthemum, Spring 2012

— Peter Newton



so my friend
when will you visit me?
my flowers are withering
on the trellis and all the
geese have darkened the sky
 Pamela A. Babusci

American Tanka & A Thousand Reasons


after the drizzle
on a swan’s lingering trail
the touch of rainbow

—kash poet (kashinath karmakar)


lifting fog
he catches me hiding
his gifts
— Christine L. Villa

Haigaonline, December 2012
See haiga here


morning cup between my hands the steam of a distant land
Seánan Forbes

An earlier version appeared in Sketchbook V:2


north by northeast
a splinter of geese flies
far from this heat
I too ponder
how I’ll leave this earth
— Margaret Dornaus

from “Milestones,” Haibun Today, vol. 6, no. 1, March 2012


afternoon quiet~
she opens
her trinket box

A haiga I had done for Rick Daddario’s 30 Days of Haiga.
It can be seen here



evening fog

December Haiku Share

If you missed the initial post, click here to read about the month long haiku challenge I am holding right here on my blog this December. At this busy time of year, this is suppose to be a fun and easy way to share haiku you’ve already written.

My haiku for today is:

evening fog
the sound of geese
comes and goes


Multiverses 1.1, June 2012

Possible ways to take this: evening, part of the day, fog, weather words, sounds, geese, any kind of animal, autumn


Fog is one of my favorite topics to write haiku about, as it is a regular occurence around these parts. So way back in August, when Terri Hale French’s NaHaiWriMo prompt for the 17th was to write an experimental haiku, I decided to write a concrete haiku on fog. My original haiku was written in a column:


For some reason, which I can’t quite recall anymore, I submitted it as a one-liner when I sent it off to the  Frogpond haiku journal:

F walking O through G

I’m very curious to hear which one people think is more effective. Someone even suggested making it diagonal, which is a cool idea, especially if I was more adept at playing around with form. Anyway, this is my first “eyeku”, as George Swede dubbed it, and I was very happy to see it appear on the pages of Frogpond, which just arrived in the mail today.