Their Story

Today’s Poetic Asides prompt is to write a poem with the title: “(blank) story”. I wrote a free form poem, which I suppose is a poetic form of sorts:

Their Story

Perhaps they met at a party,
their eyes locking across the room
or were introduced by friends
or stumbled into each other in a bookstore
a crowded elevator or a classroom.
Perhaps she wore her heart on a sleeve
or was standoffish or didn’t even notice him
at all at first, while he was on the rebound
from a failed romance or had never been in love
before or had been in love with her for months
or years or minutes. However it happened
here they are, married, thirty-two years later,
with three kids, two cats, and a house in the ‘burbs,
still telling their story.

Once Upon a Story

The Poetic Asides prompt today was to write a poem with the title: “Once Upon a [blank]”. This gave me a chance to revamp a piece I had written a long time ago:

Once Upon a Story

Once upon a time…
Oh Mom, must you always start out that way?
What would you prefer, my child?
Just cut to the chase.
Okay. There was a little girl. Broke into a house. Ate porridge. Broke chair. Fell asleep in bed. Bears returned. Were angry. Girl fled. The end.
Thanks Mom.
Sleep tight.