New Reading Material

One of the really cool things about Seabeck was that people shared haiku handouts and haiku books. Some of these books were the author’s own chapbook, and others were anthologies that their work appeared in. It was, unfortunately, not an accomplishment of mine to put together my own haiku handout this year– in fact, I think I’m going to start creating one now for next year!– but I enjoyed reading the works of fellow haiku poets.

I also purchased several haiku volumes that I am looking forward to reading soon (or have already started):

  • few days north days few, by Paul Miller (the featured speaker)
  • A New Resonance 6 (containing work by Susan Constable)
  • A New Resonance 7 (containing work by Tanya McDonald)
  • A sumi-e instruction book (I’m out of town, so don’t have exact title), by Fumiko Kimura

These should keep me going for a while!