Once Upon a Story

The Poetic Asides prompt today was to write a poem with the title: “Once Upon a [blank]”. This gave me a chance to revamp a piece I had written a long time ago:

Once Upon a Story

Once upon a timeā€¦
Oh Mom, must you always start out that way?
What would you prefer, my child?
Just cut to the chase.
Okay. There was a little girl. Broke into a house. Ate porridge. Broke chair. Fell asleep in bed. Bears returned. Were angry. Girl fled. The end.
Thanks Mom.
Sleep tight.

2010 November PAD- Day 28

Day 28 of PAD, and I think I’m finally running out of steam! When in doubt, write a limerick. The prompt today is to write a “what really happened” poem.

Goldilocks Speaks Out

Normally I’m as quiet as a mouse
and I stick very close to my house
but I wandered in the wood
and the porridge smelled so good
that my appetite I just couldn’t douse!