I always enjoy seeing what my creative haiku friends come up with next. And I am rarely disappointed. Today on her Yay Words blog, Aubrie Cox posted a collection of conversations and haiku she shared with Melissa Allen and Lucas Stensland, in the post open mail. I smiled all the way through it, and couldn’t resist posting this response in the comments. I’d call it a rengay, except that I’m not sure one person can write a rengay. So perhaps it a haiku sequence or… whatever. Anyway, here it is:

on a conversation
winter rain

things don’t always
make cents

entering into
the spirit
ghost moon

70 is
the new 40

not sleeping
saltine crackers

can’t find the like button
rain again

Frost Flowers

The haiku thread for the January/February 2012 Sketchbook journal was “precious gems”. At first I was totally stumped. Everything I wrote seemed too flowery. And then I got the idea to stick with diamonds, and write a sequence of haiku that chronicled my history with that gem. This seemed to be particulary fitting, as my husband and I approach our 30th anniversary later this month. I submitted these as individual haiku in the Sketchbook thread, but present them here as a sequence, which is how I wrote them.

Frost Flowers

frost flowers
the sparkling allure
of diamonds

only one question
only one answer
diamond ring

picking out
a diamond solitaire…

first anniversary
the glint of her diamond

princess party
her diamond tiara
and jewel-encrusted scepter

thirtieth anniversary
he gives her books
instead of pearls

morning dew
the foreverness
of diamonds

creepy crawlers

When I saw “insects / bugs” for the  July/ Aug Sketchbook haiku thread kigo, I was temporarily stumped. What was there to say about these critters that hasn’t already been said, by Issa in particular. But then,  I picked up my pen and wrote the following:

Tai Chi morning
a spider climbs slowly
up the wall

shortest night
on the breeze, one thousand
cricket voices

is it love?
moths circle
before a flame

sultry afternoon
the iridescent sheen
of dragonfly wings

cricket song –
sleeping at night
with an open window

The entire thread can be read here.

Four of these haiku made John Daleiden’s Editor’s Choice list, and rather than just list the haiku randomly, John chose to arrange them into haiku sequences. My haiku appear in “Cricket Songs: A Haiku Sequence”, “Hometown Memories: A Haiku Sequence”, and “Shadow Darners: A Haiku Sequence”. All the haiku sequences can be read here.

first day of autumn

first day of autumn
a maple leaf
falls soundlessly

(Sketchbook, Vol.5, No. 5, September/October 2010)

crimson maples
chinook salmon
find their way home

(Sketchbook, Vol.5, No. 5, September/October 2010)

Both of these haiku appeared in the Sketchbook haiku thread, and also in the “Dusk at my Feet” haiku sequence that editor John Daleiden put together with some of the haiku from the thread.

“Dusk at my Feet”: A Haiku Sequence No. 1 Arranged from the “fall trees” Haiku Thread

Ralf Bröker, DE; Bouwe Brouwer, NL; Claire Everett, UK; Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN; Bernard Gieske, US; Cara Holman, US; Alegria Imperial, CA; Ramona Linke, DE; Chen-ou Liu, CA; Vasile Moldovan, RO ; Aju Mukhopadhyay, IN; Karen O’Leary, US; Keith A. Simmonds, TT; Janice Thomson, CA

What’s really fun for me is to go back and read the old haiku threads, and see how many haiku poets I am familiar with now from reading their works in other journals, or “meeting” them on NaHaiWriMo!