Birthday renku

For a while now, I’ve been pondering how to celebrate my birthday, writing-wise. And here’s what I’ve come up with. From now until my birthday (July 23), please join me in creating an online renku. I’ve done this twice in the past, and it was so much fun! You can read the previous posts here and here.

For this renku, the rules are simple. I will start it off, and then in the comments section, add a couplet, if the last verse was haiku, or a haiku if the last verse was a couplet. What to write about? Anything in July, in your part of the world. Flora, fauna, senryu, stars, sunshine, cold (if you’re in the Southern hemisphere), dishes, soapsuds, food, trucks, trains, boats, and planes, clouds, puddles, pruners, cell phones, kids, birthdays, books, music, stones, swimming pools, the beach, tidepools… It’s all good!

Please leave your name, as you’d like it to appear, and also your blog/website link if you have one. On my birthday, I will put together a post with everything I’ve received to date, and that will be my present to myself! So have at it. And have fun. 🙂

Opening verse:

sultry afternoon
the plaintive cries
of fledgling hawks