Poet Showcase: Kay Tracy

Name: Kay Tracy
Location: Portland, OR

Blog: Immersed in Word

How do you know Cara? I met Cara when I accepted her poetry for Four and Twenty. Her name just kept popping up in the accepted work. Then I saw her at Wordstock. I recognized her from her blog picture and had the pleasure of meeting her in person.

How long have you been writing poetry? I wrote one of my first poems  in the sixth grade, “Here Comes Halloween.” In the next few years, some wonderful teachers opened more doors with what I’d call classroom publishing poetry projects. I’ve been writing off and on ever since.

What kind of poetry do you write? I write eclectically. I’m drawn to short form, but I can spin a yarn now and then. I love to play with words and syllabic forms; I break the rules more often than not. Tillie Olsen’s “triple life” is something that I struggle with and try to explore ways of describing. Poetry is a way of existing.

Please share a poem:


I have been pixie led
inside this fairy ring
deception reigns
inside the petal’d crown
a padlock catches

in a meadow
the faded blooms

a new pinwheel
the breath of wind and Jasmine
conducting butterflies

display for the artist
sins of the flesh