Poem in Your Pocket Day Celebration

April 26 has been designated national Poem in your Pocket Day.

And what clever poet friends I have. In this post you will find haiku, haiga, a limerick, a triolet, a Fibonacci, an ovillejo, and other short and long form poetry. Click on the name of each poem to read it. And enjoy!

Cara Holman: summer butterfly

Christine L. Villa: crawling

Madeleine Begun Kane: Limerick Quest

Merrill Gonzales: nor’easter predicted

Ellen Grace Olinger: Saturday Poem

Symanntha Renn: grass that used to be green

Alegria Imperial: Light as Magic

Ina Roy-Faderman: Mockingbird

Bruce W. Niedt: Big Picture

Kirsten Cliff: At the Graveyard

De Jackson: O, Let’s Not

Gillena Cox: End of April

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And two more poems:

Merrill Gonzales: “I forget my lips are roughed, at the clear water.”  by Chiyojo (1703-1775)

Jacqueline Hallenbeck:

“Three Little Pigs in a Blanket”

Three Little Pigs in a Blanket
crashed a pajama party.
One started playing the trumpet.
Three Little Pigs in a Blanket
pulled out a rope and tried to jump it.
Their names were Zeik, Bo and Marty.
Three Little Pigs in a Blanket
crashed a pajama party.

(c) jh 4/20/12

2010 November PAD- Day 28

Day 28 of PAD, and I think I’m finally running out of steam! When in doubt, write a limerick. The prompt today is to write a “what really happened” poem.

Goldilocks Speaks Out

Normally I’m as quiet as a mouse
and I stick very close to my house
but I wandered in the wood
and the porridge smelled so good
that my appetite I just couldn’t douse!

A Famous Proposition

Today’s Poetic Asides prompt was to write a confined spaces poem. I just couldn’t resist penning a limerick about Fermat’s Last Theorem, mathematician that I am.  In 1637, Fermat postulated  that, “It is impossible for a cube to be the sum of two cubes, a fourth power to be the sum of two fourth powers, or in general for any number that is a power greater than the second to be the sum of two like powers. I have discovered a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition that this margin is too narrow to contain.”  This became known as Fermat’s Last Theorem, and it remained unproven until 1995.

Fermat’s Last Theorem

There once was a mathematician
Who conjectured a famous proposition
But the margin was too thin
To contain his weighty thoughts within
So his proof never came to fruition

Lamenting the Limerick

I love limericks, I love contests, so what could be more fun than the April Write On! Online April Challenge, which was a limerick contest! I was the third place winner with this limerick:

Lamenting the Limerick

A limerick it is to be
What to pen, now let me see
I could write of love
Or the moon up above
But I’ve run out of lines, woe is me!

But why stop at one? Here’s some of the other limericks I wrote, before I decided to submit the one above:

Limerick Lament

I just wish I could think of something
With a lot of pizazz and some zing
But I must be quite frank
My mind it is blank
So I’ll settle for any old thing.

A Poem A Day Lament

To pen a poem a day
Requires a lot to say
Should I write of love
and the moon up above
or the darling buds of May?

Gardener’s Lament

I wish I could figure out why
My plants always up and die
Try as I might
I can’t prevent blight
Yet my weeds always grow to the sky.

Writer’s Lament

I wish I could write a good book
With suspense, a great plot and a hook
When I sit down to write
My words sound so trite
But I’ll publish by hook or by crook